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BioNEMS & μFluidics Lab

FG Tseng Lab 


Our work is basically on the development of Bio Nano/micro electromechanical Systems (BioNEMS) and Micro/nano fluidics Systems (MFS) for biomedicine or energy applications. Special focus is on the employment of natural physical phenomena, such as surface tension, thermal/concentration gradient, or gravity, to operate fluids with least external power input.  We also employ nano-materials or nano-structures in cooperation with micro fluidics systems for extending the sensing/manipulation capability to single molecule or single cell level diagnosis or drug delivery. The major findings will be employed to paving the ways for regenerative tissue engineering in the future.  Four major on-going tasks are in the following prospects:

1.    Employment of simple and low-cost silicon or polymer based micro fluidic devices integrated with nano-materials and nano-diagnostic tools for early cancer diagnosis or protein dynamics study in molecular or cellular levels. Learn more

2.     Integration of nanomaterials inside micro 3D cells structures for regenerative tissue engineering and physiological tissue monitoring. Learn more

3.     Investigating the mechanisms of micro/nano droplets or bubbles formation and the ways for manipulation. Learn more

4.    Development of low-cost fuel cell systems for consumer products and nano gas-vessels for high efficient hydrogen storage. Learn more